Schoenhut Spinet Piano

Published: 23rd February 2011
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The Schoenhut spinet piano, is named after its architect, Albert Schoenhut. This piano is one of many instruments of the master toy creator. Schoenhut pianos are naturally built to last with novel design & flawless tuning. Schoenhut pianos are also well acknowledged because of how parallel they look to full size versions in both appearance & sound quality. The combination of all these features not only designate Schoenhut pianos ideal for educating youngsters about music & how to play piano, it also makes them adorably decorative furniture for anyone's home.

The spinet piano was called "spinet" because small harpsichords were called "spinets". This piano is smaller than the original, but still have the same working parts & frames. An understanding of the various spinet pianos helps parents get the best toy piano for their children. The spinet piano category includes the Elite spinet, traditional spinet, & traditional deluxe spinet. All spinets have beautiful harmony.

This is how a traditional spinet works: It allows the chime-like sounds by hammers that hit the steel rods connected to 25 full-size keys that are chromatically tuned. The traditional deluxe piano, is larger, looks identical to the traditional piano. It features thirty-seven full-sized keys & is chromatically tuned, using a three-octave span. Other than a little less deep & with bent legs, the elite spinet looks exactly like the traditional spinet piano. This type of piano is chromatically-tuned with twenty-five full-size keys, just like the traditional spinet has. Plus with each Schoenhut Piano spinet model, a patented learning system which is included in the instructions, a colorful finger strip, & a music book overflowing with fun & familiar nursery rhymes.

All Schoenhut's pianos are of the highest quality & precision. The Schoenhut spinet piano is a amazing musical instrument & is ideal if you're into getting your youngster a piano that is just the correct size.

John Fisher is the author of, The Schoenhut Spinet Piano. You can view a selection of Schoenhut spinet piano toys at ToyPianoStore.

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